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Essential Oil - Clove

Essential Oil - Clove


    Clove bud oil has a sweet, rich, warm, spicy and penetrating aroma with a fruity top note and a woody base note. Highly irritant to the skin (must be diluted), clove bud oil is safer to use than clove leaf due to its lower eugenol content. It should never be used directly on the skin or in large concentrations. Clove oil lifts depression and is recommended as an inhalation when feeling weak and lethargic.

    It's excellent as an antiseptic because of the content of eugenol. The dental value of cloves is well known; the oil has been traditionally used to relieve toothaches. Clove oil is not used in skin care except to treat infectious wounds, skin sores, and leg ulcers, and only by those who are experienced and know what they’re doing.

    Blends well with basil, cinnamon, citronella, orange and peppermint.


    FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY - Discontinue use If irritation occurs


    Clove Essential Oil - item is packaged in an amber glass bottle. Eye dropper is included. 

    .45 fl oz (13 mL)

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